Friday, August 21, 2015

Didn't we Have a Lovely Time!

WOW members didn’t we have a great time …I hope you are all home safe and sound or enjoying the delights of our Country as you extend your holiday.
Thank you to all that attended convention for helping to make “feel the spirit” a fabulous event..
Now that the excitement has passed, I hope you all have wonderful memories to treasure.
I also wish to thank the wonderful efficient convention committee that worked tirelessly to see you all had a wonderful convention, they are an amazing group of women.
 I especially wish to thank Aletta Lamprecht and Janet Andrews from the Taupo Club in NZ that that made the beautiful Korowai Cloak for President Val.
The beautiful Korowai cloak was commissioned by the Convention Committee 2015 and was lovingly stitched and designed by Aletta who captured the very essence of “Feel the Spirit” and embraced our fern logo. Janet Andrews added the beautiful fine silver stitched ferns around the neck line to give the cloak our very own touch.
Korowai cloaks are made for the individual and kept as family heirlooms, given as gifts for special events, graduations, weddings and important positions. They are given to many different people of importance who visit our country.
The Queen of England, Prince William, Prime Ministers from around the World, and many visiting dignitaries, have all been gifted one of these beautiful Korowai garments. We were so proud to honour our POWERtalk President with such a special gift.
I hope you all got the chance to sign the Presidents memory book that was also sponsored by Waimea Club in NZ, so our President could have lasting memories of the feel the spirit convention. If you didn’t, send her a note that she can paste into her beautiful memory book.
I wish to also thank the hard working and talented Blog Team, led by Mary Wong who have given a real overview of convention for us to relive the moment and for  the members who missed the grand event to follow the fun times.
Until we all meet again in Seattle 
Warmest regards

 Linda Bergman Convention Coordinator 2015.


  1. This blog has indeed been a boon to those of us who couldn't be there. Kudos to Mary and her team for keeping us informed, educated and entertained!

    1. Awww...thank you Shelley. It's nice to be appreciated. There's still more to come - I just need to get a few major jobs out of the way first then I will be adding more.

  2. A message from Mary Flentge...."Yes Linda we had a fantastic time and many thanks over and over"