Sunday, July 19, 2015

Winners are Grinners!

The POWERtalk International Writing Contest awards wrapped up today with a lavish awards luncheon. Most of the winning writers made the trek to Rotorua (some of them three-quarters of the way around the world!) to receive their awards; and where that was not possible, fellow members stepped in to receive awards and take them home to the winners.
Writing Contest assistant chair, Maureen Noel-Coates and committee member, Barbara Henderson-Wragge presented all of the first place Writing Contest winners with a small glass New Zealand fern to commemorate the wins and the theme of the Convention and location in Rotorua. All the winning contestants received a convention-themed certificate to take home and proudly display their accomplishments.

Because we celebrate two terms, the list of happy POWERtalk writers who placed in the competition is quite long. Look to see if your club or region is represented here:

First Place: Nissa Elsey AC, New Zealand for Moonlight Escapade
Second Place: Geraldine Lightfoot DC, Northeast (Canada) for Miracles Do Happen
Third Place: Pamela Maith, Blue Ridge (USA) for Lottery Dreams

First Place: Carole Ford, Pollok Shields , Great Britain Region for Cars
Second Place: Bobbi Lyons* for My Faithful Friends (about her pet dogs)
Third Place: Ann Sadedin, Australia for Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

First Place: Ann Sadedin, Australia for To Ask the Right Question
Second Place: Margaret Dockrill AC, New Zealand for The Glider
Third Place: Carrolyn Pichet, Blue Ridge (USA) for The Beauty Within

* Longtime past International Writing Contest Committee Chair, Golden West region member, Bobbi Lyons, passed away before the winners were determined, in 2014. Her family was contacted and they appreciated being notified of her win.

First Place: Joan Frank SC, Northwest (USA) for Perfect Strangers
Second Place: Mary Wong SC, Australian Region for Running Into the Garden
Third Place: Karen Sherry SC, Northeast (Canada) for The Wait

First Place: Margaret Craigie, New Zealand for Environment vs Economy
Second Place: Shelley Petley DC, Northeast (Canada) Adjust Your Attitude!
Third Place: Irene Laidley DC, Northwest (Canada) Clotheslines Ar for Me. How About You?

First Place: Ruth Levitsky, Northeast Region for Let Me Remind You
Second Place: Faye Noel Brown, New Zealand for Life
Third Place: Merle Goldsmith, Australian Region for Full Moon

The committee has had mixed success getting the judges to provide evaluations and we have passed them on to the contestants whenever possible (last term was especially good!). Some of the judges would like to see a higher level of writing and particularly noted that more attention could be paid to the rhythm of poetry, not just the rhyme. So sharpen your pencils, members! Let's raise the bar and show them how POWERtalkers rise to a challenge!

Want to see what they wrote? You may already have read some of the stories from 2014 winners on the POWERtalk website. Nearly all of the 2015 contestants have given us permission to publish their stories, so look forward to seeing them on the website and in Region and International newsletters.


  1. A small correction: POWERtalk Pollokshields is not a club at large; it is part of Great Britain Region.