Saturday, July 18, 2015

The 2015 POWERtalk International Convention is in Session.

Following a moving flag ceremony at which Past International President, Hilary Brown carried the POWERtalk flag, our President, Val Harper declared the International Convention in session.
A welcome was very eloquently delivered by the mayor of Rotorua, the Honorary Steve (Stephanie) Chadwick who shared with us her 5 bullet-point secret to public speaking.

 The keynote speaker, the Honorary Louise Upton, Minister for Women delivered an excellent speech and issued a challenge to us to use our POWERtalk skills to influence the growth of others around us.

President Val welcomed us, as did the New Zealand President, Janet Henderson.
Greetings were read from absent friends - including the Board of the Icelandic Region; Past New Zealand Region President FionanGuest; Past International President, Wilna Wilkinson; Sacha Mulder, Accreditation Chair; South African Region, Member at large, Jeanette Nolte.
A vote of thanks was delivered by Past International President, and current Australian Region President, Margaret Sutherland.
Coordinator Linda Bergman introduced the convention coordination team individually so we are now able to put faces to the names we have been seeing on the convention newsletters.

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