Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Reaching for the Stars - A Zenith Presentation

How much do you know about the POWERtalk youth program, Zenith?
Today at Convention, members were treated to a live meeting of Zenith Taupo, with 21 students travelling to Rotorua from Taupo to demonstrate their skills to an international audience. 
In front of a jam-packed room, the session started with a very smoothly run business session, chaired by Isla Sando.
Following the business session we were lead by a pair of program leaders, Amy and Charlotte – who were introduced as Chamy [pronounced with a ‘sh’ to start].The program was lead with a theme of left and right, and the leaders took a very innovative approach, using multiple meanings of left and right, and working a murder mystery theme throughout the introductions. In addition, there was a small parcel passed around the audience throughout the speaking, moving left and right according to when the words left and right were said. At the end of the session, the person left with the parcel won it! What a brilliant idea for increasing the listening of the audience.
The audience were treated to a wonderful display of speaking, including an ice breaker speech, an humorous speech, a poetry reading [by the author of the poem, Hannah Coulter, which was a brilliant piece on the future of our world], plenty of evaluations and a fun table topics session complete with performances from three of our members. Irvin Walker was awarded the gong for the best performance in the topics.
What an impressive group of young people....with the Zenith club, we are definitely creating a better world by growing tomorrow's leaders.

It was an exciting event, and all present were impressed by the confidence, creativity and ability of the speakers. Hilary explained to us how the club is run, when it meets and shared promotional material that we could use in case we decide to start our own Zenith club. There was a real buzz in the room after and it was obvious all who attended found this to be a very inspiring session.

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