Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Programme with Passion, Purpose, Substance and Style

Written by Adrienne Payton

What a treat those of us who attended Karen Horbach’s workshop had.  Her warm enthusiasm was so contagious as she explained her aim for all participants to return to their clubs with a bag full of ideas to improve their programmes.  As she said, innovative ideas for programmes full of education and fun are the key to retaining members and attracting new members.

After a fun warm-up exercise, everyone was encouraged to contribute ideas for the groundwork for successful programmes; what constitutes a programme; and themes and their aims.  The scribe was kept busy as suggestions and ideas came thick and fast from around the room.

Then we were all divided into seven groups, according to the colour of the hand-out cover page to come up with ideas for a meeting on various themes and aims, e.g. Pink group theme:  Anything French, Aim: To challenge our research skills; Blue group theme:  Body Language Speaks a Thousand Words, Aim: to enhance our use of gestures; Red group theme – Not Much Time, Aim: To develop our skills of speaking with minimum preparation.

The feedback result was amazing – every person in the room learned many new ways to change up programmes and give them some extra zing.  As Karen summed up, 15 minutes of work produced at least two years of programming ideas!

This workshop was full of enthusiasm, laughter and at the end, every participant left with bags full of ideas to take back to their clubs.

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