Friday, July 17, 2015

Welcome Party - Not Enough Superlatives!

Convention kicked off to a delightful start tonight with Cultural night - a welcome party at which we were treated to a brilliant display of local Maori customs, singing and dancing. Members had been encouraged to wear their country's costumes or colours and there were some spectacularly dressed attendees.
Prior to the start of the entertainment, President Val was presented with gifts from the New Zealand clubs - an exquisite hand-made traditional Maori cloak, and a guest book which was passed around for those present to write in a greeting.
Following a traditional welcome from the local tribe to our Madam President, our entertainment had everyone present laughing, clapping and cheering at the efforts of the International Board and a couple of others [think, wrong place, wrong time]  who were coerced on to the stage to attempt a local dance using Poi balls. Believe me, they are not as easy to twirl as they look!
The men did not escape the attention of the entertainers either as they were taught to do the Haka, which they performed to the delight of the audience.
POWERtalk men perform the Haka. 
The highlight performance of the evening was a traditional love song - Po Kare Kare Anna - sung in spectacular fashion by two Maori Tribes people.
Dinner was a traditional Maori Hungi with delicious offerings of Lamb, Pork, Fish, Mussels, and lashings of vegetables - not to mention the delicious dessert of Pavlova, puddings and Hokey-Pokey Ice Cream.
It was a tremendous start to Convention, and all present left the evening smiling widely, relaxed, entertained, and renewing friendships with those they hadn't seen since last convention..

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