Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meet Your Blog Team

A group of dedicated bloggers will be keeping all those at home up to date with the happenings at Convention. In case you are wondering who we all are, we thought we would share a little about ourselves...
We are:

Wyn Bowler - Wyn Bowler has attended several conventions including Auckland, Durban, Glasgow, Kobe, Toronto, Brisbane, and some in the USA. She did the convention blogs for the Convention-At-Sea and Indianapolis. A former DVP and ITC parliamentarian, Wyn is a member of Silver Star Communicators, which is in the Northwest Region (Canada-USA). She knows that having timely information and photographs about the conventions is wonderful for the members who aren't with us, for the delegates who will be doing reports for their clubs, and for fond memories.

Adrienne Payton - Adrienne Payton is a member of Speakwell Club in the Wellington region of New Zealand and Rotorua will be her third Convention, although it will be her first as a member of her home region, New Zealand.  She attended Brisbane in 2007 as a member of Europe 92 region and Hawaii two years ago as a member of Northeast Region.  She has avidly followed previous Convention blogs and looks forward to being a member of this year's team.

Michiko Okita - Michiko Okita belongs to the Hiroshima club in the Japan region, Div IV. This is her 11th convention. The first convention she attended was the 50th in Washington, D.C. in 1991.
Michiko enjoys conventions very much, even though it is very difficult for her to understand  English.
She meets members and makes new friends and is always impressed by how well organized and managed the conventions are.
During Japan Region conferences and at the last convention, Michiko worked as a photographer and sent some photos to the Japan region web page. It was a good experience for her, and she plans to  take many photos at this convention. Michiko will be our official blog photographer and has enlisted several others from Japan Region to assist her.

Keiko Miyake - Keiko also belongs to Hiroshima club in Japan.
She has been a member of the club almost for two years.
This is the first time she will attend a convention.
Keiko is looking forward to meeting club members from all over the world.
Having only decided to join in this convention one month ago, Keiko has been terribly busy for the past month. She says, "Because I have experienced a very hard time for one month, I am looking forward to really enjoying her time in New Zealand!

Mary Wong - Mary is from Brisbane in Australia and belongs to two clubs - POWERtalk Brisbane Central and POWERtalk Gold Coast. She is a passionate POWERtalker and was blog-master at the previous Convention. 
Mary has a husband and two children who she has left at home, in order that she may concentrate fully on all Convention has to offer, and is excited to be attending her fourth convention in her 10 years of membership.

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