Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet the Finalists

We thought you might like to know a little about the speech contest finalists,  so here it is!

Wyn Bowler - North West Region - 

Subject: Once Upon a Time
Title: A Good Catch
Category: Speech to Inform
Time taken 6:51
Wyn is currently employed as a technical writer in the computer industry. She says being a member of ITC has expanded her life in many ways. but speech contests still give her a case of nerves. Wyn likes to cook and read, and with her husband she does crossword puzzles, gardening and day trips.

 Aaron Brown - North East Region - 

Subject: Buzz Fuzz
Title: To Infinity
Category: Speech to Inspire
Time taken 6:25
Aaron joined POWERtalk in 2013, with a key goal of improving his public speaking. Throughout his membership, he has come to the realisation that the only obstacle in the way of the progress of your life is you.

Janet Henderson - New Zealand Region

Subject: Genius
Title: The Three C's
Category: Speech to Entertain
Time: 6:31
Janet is a member of Waitakere club in Auckland, and is currently New Zealand Region President. She says she could not live without her three C's - coffee, chocolate and champagne.

Keiko Kodera - Japan Region

Subject: Sound
Title: In Silence
Category: Speech to Inform
Time: 7:41
Keiko has been a member of Kashiwa Club for 10 years. She learnt to swim at 50 years of age. In her spare time she goes to the gym, takes piano lessons and plays jazz.

Leigh Martin - Australian Region

Subject: Princess
Title: What Every Philematologist Knows
Category: Speech to Entertain
Time: 7:20
Leigh has been a member for 16 years and is a past Region President. She is a Wedding and Funeral Celebrant and sometimes goes to motorbike meetings with her husband, Ross, who is an avid motorbike enthusiast.

Adrienne Payton - New Zealand Region 

Subject: Pure Gold 
Title: Go for Gold
Category: Speech to  Entertain
Time: 7:01
As the wife of a New Zealand diplomat, Adrienne's membership has spanned several regions. She has recently returned from living in New York City, which was her husband's final posting pre-retirement. they now intend to travel as much as funds will allow.

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