Monday, July 20, 2015

Lunch honoring Region Presidents

Monday's lunch was all about honoring Region Presidents and the work they do.
The Division Vice Presidents all spoke, naming and thanking each of their Region Presidents for their commitment to ITC and, using a theme, honoring their terms of office as follows:-

Division I, DVP, Marie Trujillo-Tough 

Mexico Region 

Ma. Teresa Dickens de Almeida 2013-14 - The Rosa "Santana" Dark Red Rose means deep passion and readiness for commitment.

Guadalupe Aguirre de Trejo 3014-15 - The Rosa Floribunda "Lime sublime" white rose means reverence and humility, honour and new beginnings.

Golden West Region

Patricia Owens 2013-14 - The peach rose means modesty, great cheer, sincerity, genuineness and sympathy.

Patricia Worthy 2014-15 - The gold rose means friendship and I care, unbridled joy, promise of a new beginning, gladness, delight and warmth.

North West Region

Gerry Anderson 2013-14 - The Rosa Floribunda "Cherish" pink rose means grace and elegance, admiration for beauty, and refinement.

Doris Ginther AC 2014-15 - The Rosa Grandiflora "Honey Dijon" yellow rose means friendship and "I care", unbridled joy, gladness and delight.

Sierra Pacific Region

Marian "Edie" Evans 2013-15 - The Rosa Hybrid Double Dark Pink rose means enchantment and magnetism, opulence and majesty.

Division II, DVP Judy Schuth

The regions and Councils-at-Large in division II are like beautiful trees of the forest. They are immense with enduring strength. They are the protectors of the clubs. Think of the tree of life, the body of the tree rooted in the ground and the crown reaching up and dancing in the sky. Our Regions are trees that hold fast tot he goals and ideals of ITC, providing leadership and training to the members. The members are the beauty of the tree. They make up the crown. Like the leaves, they branch out, reach high and to excel in their careers and community.

The Blue Ridge Region name comes from the beautiful blue-green treed mountains that run through the region. Under the leadership of India Winstead, I liken this region to the willow tree which symbolises inner wisdom, an open mind with the stability and strength of age and experience. 

The Heart of America Region under the leadership of Nellie Pallagi is represented by the juniper tree. A tree that is a fabled symbol of a great journey, having taken many twists and turns and being able to stay true to themselves, never compromising their integrity.

Northeast Region is a large region covering most of North America's Northeast including Canada and the United States. it is lead by Carol Preiss. The region is represented by the mighty ash tree. The ash speaks to us of growth, expansion and higher perspective.

Manitoba Council-at-Large is lead by Kay Shewfelt Boyd. The council is located in the Providence of Manitoba, Canada. The large sequoia tree is the emblem for long life, for attaining lofty dreams, stretching your limits, and reaching to be the best you can be....reaching for the stars.

Sunshine Council-at-Large which is located in the Bahamas is led by Shellyn Ingraham. This council is like the bamboo tree. It has freedom of spirit, regeneration, renewal and flexibility.

Each President will receive a certificate with their tree symbol and a picture of the tree. To reward and to remind others of their commitment to membership growth by reaching up to the sky and growing the membership "One Leaf at a Time".

Division III, DVP, Sue Simpkins

Iceland Region - the land of Fire and Ice - Age of region - 39 years.

Lilja Friovinsdottir - 2013-14 
Gudbjorg Jonsdottir - 2014-15

During the first year of this two year term Iceland chartered Sula Club.
Being President in Iceland is challenging as travelling great distances on icy roads brings dangers we cannot comprehend.
As a symbol of the Icelenad Region's dedication to their pride, the symbol of the lion was chosen. The lion is renowned for its courage, tenacity and determination to overcome anything in its path.

Europe 92 Region Age of region - 13 years

Barbara Ettel - 2013-14
Marlene Burns - 2014-15

During the term, an new club was chartered - Eloquent Haren.
My Animal to represent both these presidents who worked so hard, is the rhino. The rhino is strong and protects its young fiercely. In South Africa, it is a beloved and protected animal. Both Barbara and Marlene are beloved by their members and they in turn protect them.

Great Britain Region Age of region - 42 years

Diana Porterfield - 2013-14
Lesley Smith  - 2014-15

My animal to represent both of these presidents is the elephant who never gives up and has a formidable memory as well as an intense feeling for family.

Division IV, DVP, Akemi Kosuge

Australian Region

Janeen Vosper -  2013-14
Margaret Sutherland - 2014-15

My flower for the Australian Region is the Chrysanthemum. It is symbolic of noble confidence.

New Zealand Region

Linda Bergman - 2013-14 
Janet Henderson - 2014-15

My flower for the New Zealand Region is the cherry Blossom. It symbolises matured knowledge.

Japan Region

Kyoko Imai - 2013-14
Yumiko Nakajima - 2014-15

My flower for Japan Region is the Pansy, a flower of three colours. It is symbolic of the need to change according to circumstances.

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