Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let the Preliminaries Begin.

The preliminary contests of the International Speech Contest are about to begin. The contestants are:-

Preliminary Final A

Leigh Martin - Australian Region
Keiko Kodera - Japan Region
Gwenetta Brooks - Sierra Pacific Region
Aaron Brown - North East Region
keiko Miyake - Japan Region
Nadine Beveridge - Australian Region
Anita Middleburg - Europe 92 Region

Preliminary Final B

Janet Henderson - New Zealand Region
Wyn Bowler - North West Region
Verdella Gilmer - North West Region
Velator Smith - Blue Ridge Region
Rose Heisser - Golden West Region
Adrienne Payton - New Zealand Region

Three people from each group will proceed to the finals to be held on Monday. The competition begins at 5pm. We will all contestants the best of luck.
Watch this space for the results.

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