Monday, July 20, 2015

Honors Dinner #1 - Black and White Night

To suggest that the Black and White night dinner was a roaring success would be an understatement!

Throughout the dinner there were acknowledgements of Past International Presidents, Life Members First Timers. It was announced that there are 51 first timers at this convention, and they were recognised individually with a slide show of photos of each of them.

After dinner is when the frivolity really began! Members had a blast dancing to the tones of NZ franchised group 'The Beat Girls' - a trio of gorgeous young ladies who entertained us with music from the 60's through to the modern day. Nearly everyone in the room were up and dancing - even those with mobility issues were bopping along 'til the wee hours.
There was not a long face in the room, with everyone singing along, smiling and laughing - exactly how a fun evening function should be!

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  1. A lot of familiar faces - and it's nice to see so many gentlemen there enjoying themselves!