Friday, July 17, 2015

Combined New Zealand Australia Region Day

Today New Zealand region speech contest was held in Rotorua. 

The winner was Adrienne Payton who is a member of our blog team!

 In second place was Lormar Bell and Margaret Dockrill placed third. 

Irene Laidley, one of the judges said she was particularly impressed by the variety of information that shared by the speakers.

The Australian region speech contest was also held in Rotorua today. The winner was Nadine Beveridge. 

Second place winner was Josephine Chow and in third place was Karen Horbach.  One of the judges said, “The quality of each speaker is very high and subjects are diverse. It was a difficult contest to judge. Listeners could learn something new from each speaker.”

What a fun day New Zealand and Australia Regions have had.  The lunch room was buzzing with excitement after the two regions had held their speech contests.  Members of the two regions, along with other international guests, filled the room with chatter, meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

After a delicious lunch various awards were presented – for the speech contests, the writing contests, accreditation and membership, as well as club and council of the year awards. The co-comperes, Fay Hazsard from New Zealand Region and Joy Skellern from Australia Region, did a wonderful job with the theme of celebrating the two countries’ similarities.

Also, the new Australian Region board was installed with Mary Wong as the Australian Region president.

At 3 p.m. the two regions got together again for the popular New Zealand versus Australia debate, with the topic ‘That New Zealand and Australia are too concerned with sport.  

The Australian team (Janeen Vosper, Marie Cooke, Karen Horbach) argued the  positive point of view while the New Zealand team (Mary Marshall, Janet Henderson, Barbara Henderson-Wragge) took the negative point of view.

The judge was Irvin Walker. Members from both sides added to the fun as they tried to influence the outcome with bribes.

It was highly entertaining for all, with friendly insults flung back and forth and clever arguments from both sides.  Irene Johnson did a great job of facilitating the debate.  The two teams both did exceptionally well, but in the end the negative team, NZ, edged out their neighbours from across the ditch to win.  Our international President, Val Harper, made closing remarks and said how it was one of the best debates she’d seen.

The combined Regions day closed with both Regions giving a call to Conference for their May 2016 Region Conferences, both being held in exotic locations. Australia’s conference will be held in the famous Gold Coast while New Zealand’s Conference will be held a couple of weeks earlier in beautiful Queenstown, a popular tourist attraction, especially for thrill-seekers.

What a way to put everyone in the mood for Convention!

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