Thursday, July 30, 2015

PREM Awards

During convention, PREM chairman Chris Endo acknowledged the following clubs for Target 20//20 awards:

2013-2014 Term

Club receiving 100% or better membership increase went to Waitaha Circle (Northwest Region).

Clubs receiving 20% increase or better in membership were the following clubs:

Korpa (Iceland Region)
POWERtalk Taupo (New Zealand Region)
T&G POWERtalk (New Zealand Region)
POWERtalk Waimea (New Zealand Region)

Korpa Club won the draw.

2014-2015 Term

Club receiving 100% or better membership increase was POWERtalk Brisbane South (Australian Region).

Clubs receiving 20% or better in membership were the following clubs:

North Bay (Northeast Region)
New Directions (Northeast Region)
Fredericton (Northeast Region)
Vegas Valley (Golden West Rgion)

Vegas Valley won the draw.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Installation and Honour Dinner – a Red Carpet Affair

Written by Adrienne Payton

What a festive final evening for the close of a very successful Convention.  The red carpet was out, the dry ice was lending atmosphere to everyone who entered the dining room, and every attention to detail was given to the magnificent table decorations.

President Val Harper, wearing her beautiful Maori cloak, opened the evening and introduced Irvin Walker to recognise former Presidents present at Convention:  Geraldine Lightfoot, Anita Henzler, Suzanne Shiflet, Jean Turner, Irene Johnson, Hilary Brown, Mary Marshall, Margaret Sutherland and Carol Preiss.

The toast to ITC was given by Kiyoko Takagi of Japan Region and the loyal toast by Nissa Elsey of New Zealand region.  As everyone was finishing their delicious three-course meal, we were surprised by a wonderful rendition of ‘Summertime’ sung by Gwenetta Brooks. 

Anita Henzler compered the formal part of the evening, introducing the installing officer, Irene Johnson. 

Irene took the incoming President’s love of sailing as her installation theme, suggesting that the spinach which gave Popeye his strength was a metaphor for confidence.  She presented each of the incoming Board members with a personalised sailor’s cap, as well as the incoming Parliamentarian, Wyn Bowler. Admiral/President Christine Endo was appropriately endowed with a captain’s hat.

The incoming President’s acceptance speech continued with the nautical theme and likened skippering a boat to leading ITC, both requiring a lot of hard work. Christine said it takes a whole crew to sail a boat, working together to achieve goals and win a race.  Her motto is ‘Leading the Way’ and she issued the invitation to us all: ‘Welcome aboard!’

Helen Wilson led the retirement of the flags, and with grace and heartfelt emotion, outgoing President Val Harper adjourned the gathering. 

Everyone filed out of the room to wish the incoming Board well, listening to the beautiful melody ‘Now is the Hour’ (when we must say Goodbye.)

Gwenetta Brooks, Sierra Pacific Region, entertained us with an impromptu version of Summertime.

Programme with Passion, Purpose, Substance and Style

Written by Adrienne Payton

What a treat those of us who attended Karen Horbach’s workshop had.  Her warm enthusiasm was so contagious as she explained her aim for all participants to return to their clubs with a bag full of ideas to improve their programmes.  As she said, innovative ideas for programmes full of education and fun are the key to retaining members and attracting new members.

After a fun warm-up exercise, everyone was encouraged to contribute ideas for the groundwork for successful programmes; what constitutes a programme; and themes and their aims.  The scribe was kept busy as suggestions and ideas came thick and fast from around the room.

Then we were all divided into seven groups, according to the colour of the hand-out cover page to come up with ideas for a meeting on various themes and aims, e.g. Pink group theme:  Anything French, Aim: To challenge our research skills; Blue group theme:  Body Language Speaks a Thousand Words, Aim: to enhance our use of gestures; Red group theme – Not Much Time, Aim: To develop our skills of speaking with minimum preparation.

The feedback result was amazing – every person in the room learned many new ways to change up programmes and give them some extra zing.  As Karen summed up, 15 minutes of work produced at least two years of programming ideas!

This workshop was full of enthusiasm, laughter and at the end, every participant left with bags full of ideas to take back to their clubs.

Awards Lunch 12.30pm Tuesday 21 July

 There was a mixture of excitement and sadness at the final lunch for Convention 2015.  We all continued to enjoy good food and company, but with the realisation that we would all soon be going our separate ways.

After a delicious meal, President-Elect Christine Endo announced awards for PREM and 20/20.  Although a number of clubs increased membership (8 by 100%), very few submitted the 20/20 paperwork – a reminder to us all that we’ve got to be in to win!

Many groups were celebrated for their hard work before and at Convention and Linda Bergman, Convention Coordinator, gave a very moving tribute to her team of 9, presenting them with silver fern pins, while President Val Harper thanked Linda for her sterling efforts.  Linda also brought forward three key hotel staff who have made such a difference to the efficient running of our Convention to thank them, and presented them with gifts.  Two more staff will be celebrated this evening.

The Blog team was also thanked and presented with gifts.

Many groups of people were celebrated and I lost count of the standing ovations!

Vicki Lamb closed the lunch with some wonderful pearls of wisdom.

Take the Pressure Off Yourself Workshop -- Mind Maps

In Marlene Burn’s workshop, members learned how to make and use simple mind maps. Practicing using these maps for impromptu speaking showed how easy speaking can be by using a mind map with the 5 Ws – who, what, where, when, why – and how – for added depth. Mind mapping can be used any time, anywhere, to simplify speech making.

The workshop was exuberant with lots of impromptu speeches from participants. There were many speechmakers in the making. The workshop reinforced mind-mapping skills. Every convention, region, council, and club should have a mind-mapping workshop. Members in the workshop can now present a workshop at club on this skill and develop members’ impromptu speaking skills.

You can find more information about mind mapping on the website.

Mary Cobham, POWERtalk Matamata, New Zealand Region
Wyn Bowler, Silver Star Communicators, Northwest Region

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Reaching for the Stars - A Zenith Presentation

How much do you know about the POWERtalk youth program, Zenith?
Today at Convention, members were treated to a live meeting of Zenith Taupo, with 21 students travelling to Rotorua from Taupo to demonstrate their skills to an international audience. 
In front of a jam-packed room, the session started with a very smoothly run business session, chaired by Isla Sando.
Following the business session we were lead by a pair of program leaders, Amy and Charlotte – who were introduced as Chamy [pronounced with a ‘sh’ to start].The program was lead with a theme of left and right, and the leaders took a very innovative approach, using multiple meanings of left and right, and working a murder mystery theme throughout the introductions. In addition, there was a small parcel passed around the audience throughout the speaking, moving left and right according to when the words left and right were said. At the end of the session, the person left with the parcel won it! What a brilliant idea for increasing the listening of the audience.
The audience were treated to a wonderful display of speaking, including an ice breaker speech, an humorous speech, a poetry reading [by the author of the poem, Hannah Coulter, which was a brilliant piece on the future of our world], plenty of evaluations and a fun table topics session complete with performances from three of our members. Irvin Walker was awarded the gong for the best performance in the topics.
What an impressive group of young people....with the Zenith club, we are definitely creating a better world by growing tomorrow's leaders.

It was an exciting event, and all present were impressed by the confidence, creativity and ability of the speakers. Hilary explained to us how the club is run, when it meets and shared promotional material that we could use in case we decide to start our own Zenith club. There was a real buzz in the room after and it was obvious all who attended found this to be a very inspiring session.

Workshop Review - Gestures and You - Wyn Bowler and Verdella Gilmer

Sunday 19 July.
Review by Pat Cartwright.

Thanks to Wyn and Verdella we learnt that one minute is a long time to hold a "victory' pose [which is the best way to boost your confidence before a presentation] and that reciting/talking to the movement of hula hands or catching rain helps a fluid, lucid presentation.

Everyone came away with valuable clues on the type, timing [and mistakes] of using hand and body gestures to enhance any presentation.

Business Session # 4

The business session resumed at 830 am.

The Accreditation report was read
The numbers of those participating in accreditation are as follows:
EC 349
PC 345
SC 296
AC 77
DC 37

The Fellows Report was read and Mary Wong, Australian Region was presented with her Fellowship certificate and pin.

Bylaw Amendments

Number 19
Amendment to remove the words 'and also' and insert a period after 5.2 - carried
Amendment to add 'Proviso: Effective 1 August 2016. - carried
Amendment to delete 19.7.1.b - carried
Amendment as amended was put to the vote - Lost

Number 20

Number 21

Number 22

Number 23

Number 24

This ended the bylaw amendments.

Convention announcement: 

The next convention will be held in Seattle July 2017.

The courtesy resolution was passed with  a standing vote of thanks and acclamation.